So I am very new to the blogging world. I was aware they existed, I even had one with Nick when we took 6 weeks to travel Europe. But honestly, until the last 6 months, I just thought blogs were the way people shared kid pictures. So I'm sure there are more out there, but these are a few fantastic blogs that have informed, impressed and inspired me. I want to share them.

The Kid-Friendly Home
A college friend of mine with four adorable kids and her fellow mother-of-four started a really spiffy blog with advice, ideas and recipes. It is fantastic.

Foodie 4 Healing
My amazing, fantastic, extremely special friend shares insights, experiments, joys and trials on her journey to health and healing through healthy living.

Simple Mom
I love her philosophy, her writing and her ideas. Great ideas for simplifying how we live and getting the most out of the time we have.

Smitten Kitchen
Beautiful photos, great recipes, fascinating reads.

Besides the fact that this is totally how I'd describe myself (or "crunchy wannabe"), I love her honesty, insight and thoughts on home, kids and faith.

My next door neighbor from freshman year of college and an incredible mama of two girlies the same ages as my two who somehow manages to be mama, wife, philosopher, photographer, writer AND med student. I just love her writing and I'm really hoping she ends up in residency somewhere close to us. :-)

Mel's Kitchen Cafe
My new recipe and all-things-cooking obsession. She's got four (almost 5!) kids and comes up with amazing, easy, tasty recipes. PLUS, she has meal plans, printable versions of recipes, a fantastic searchable database and amazing photos. Mmmm...