I am not a cook. I know nothing about culinary sciences. I have a really short attention span and almost no ability to plan ahead. Combine that with the fact that I married a culinary genius and the fact that in the first 6 years of our marriage, I only cooked four real meals, and you end up with a pathetic, useless blob in the kitchen. However, as Nick has gone back to school and is now away or studying for all but 2 waking hours and much of my day is spent feeding children with insatiable appetites, I have had to learn to cook. And cook on a budget.

So, some things here may be pretty rudimentary for you more learned folks of the kitchen arena, but it's all new to me. This page is dedicated to those experiments relating to all things kitchen. I will update the links as I post new experiments. Please feel free to add comments of things you like me to try or anything you do that you have found particularly helpful.

Kitchen Experiments

Experiment #1: Maseca! - Making Corn Tortillas

Experiment #2: Homemade Granola

Experiment #3: Homemade Chocolate Mints

Experiment #7: Masala Chai 

Ode to Grandma Laura: Accidental Strawberry Jam and a Drive-By Shampooing

Just one of those days...Experiment #9: Homemade Whipped Cream

Experiment #10: Homemade Yogurt 

Experiment #11: Homemade Larabars & Energy Bites

Experiment #12: Homemade Conversation Hearts

I Can't Do It Myself Experiment #1: Family Cleaning Night and Indoor Slip and Slide!

Experiment #15: Snowbet - How we enjoyed this crazy winter

Experiment #16: Reusable "Paper" Towels, Fancy Breakable Cups, and Messy Clothes

I Can't Do It Myself #2: Amish Cottage Cheese